What are Grabovoi numbers?

Dr. Grabovoi is a scientist and academic born in Kazakhstan, en 1963.  Clairvoyant since childhood, his greatest interest is focused on saving the earth and humanity. GRABOVOI has the ability to see numerical sequences in all energies on Earth. He is a graduate and Ph.D. in mathematics and physics, and has received multiple awards from the Russian government for his contribution to public health.

What are Grabovoi numbers?
• They are sequences that change the vibration and rhythm at an atomic level in objects and people (you don’t have to believe in them for the numbers to work).
• Grigori Grabovoi has accurately proved the funcionality of these numbers for more than three decades.
• These change in vibration have been proven in various ways in laboratories around the world.
• It is considered a science by many, since the results are consistent.
– Because they work at the molecular level, you don’t have to believe it for them to work.

How does the Grabovoi method work?
– The numerical sequences of Dr. Grabovoi, are activated through specific concentrations in the sequences of numbers.
– The ease and, above all, the RESULTS that are achieved with this method make it more and more accepted.
– There are various activation protocols called «pilotages» that work for us to achieve specific results.

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