Personal Numerology

Duration: 75Minutes

Cost: 123 USD

This session aims to help you with your current personal process, through the language that numbers communicate about your energy. We use a combination of the available numerological tools to adjust to your current needs.

Our tools during the session are:

1. Personality Numerology: The personal aspects of your own vibration. What are your negative and positive polarities? What is your life mission ?; What does your soul come to learn ?; What ancestral ties are you here to transcend? etc.
2. Time Numerology: What life cycle are you in? What are you called to do at this time in your life? What information is contained in the dates when key events occurred in your life? When is a good time to make a decision or take action?
3. Relationship Numerology: What unites you / distance from people in your life? What tips are there to harmonize the energies in your relationships?

The numbers will guide us to use the tools to your best advantage. This session helps to understand the existing energy, to align with your highest vibration and create alchemy in your life!