EXPRESS Numerology

The Express sessions focus mainly on your TIME Numerology, in order to maximize your available energy and make smarter choices: Understand the current events in your life. What is your personal energy for this year? What lessons are you called to learn? What challenges may present themselves to be transcended? It is suggested to bring […]

Business Numerology

Are you starting a business? Do you want to improve your projects and make energetically aligned decisions? With business Numerology we can see aspects such as: – Vibration of the business´ name; this helps to know the type of energy this business attracts.– Choosing a name prone to attract a specific energy.– When is the […]

Relationship Numerology

Relationship Numerology is intended for any two people who want to know each other better, in any type of relationship: romantic, family, partners, etc. We talk about the Personal Numerology of both of you, as well as the energy of the relationship itself. We review compatibility, points of union, challenges and recommendations, as they are […]

Personal Numerology

This session aims to help you with your current personal process, through the language that numbers communicate about your energy. We use a combination of the available numerological tools to adjust to your current needs. Our tools during the session are: 1. Personality Numerology: The personal aspects of your own vibration. What are your negative […]