For this 2022 your number is:

Number 9

The 9 Year, is a year for closing cycles. It calls us to take a look at our life and acknowledge which relationships, routines, and energies have been present in our lives during the past years that were great before, but are no longer helping us grow or expand; they are pulling us back. The 9 is a year of cleansing, in which we are called to clear our emotional and physical landscapes of all the roots that will no longer give fruit, so that next year we have space to plant new seeds.

The 9 is a year where we can see the consolidation of the work done so far. It invites us to finish those projects that we have been working on for a long time. It is an energy of fame and recognition; what we do and say is being seen and heard. Be intentional about it.

It is time to let go of any ties that repress us or do not allow for our expansion and evolution. As cycles are closing, new ones are opening; it is a transitional period that prepares us to jump into the new and to leave our comfort zone behind. People and situations from the past may reappear in order to close their cycles with us. Close with trust, gratitude, and peace.

The 9 is also the number of the spiritual student. Under this energy, we are called to get in touch with our spirituality through knowledge and practice. The more we learn and connect to our spiritual side, the more fear we will release, as we remember our divine and infinite essence.  

This year we may feel the emotions with more intensity. It is advisable to cool down and center ourselves before making any major decisions, rather than acting from a place of heightened emotion, which we may regret later.

It is not advisable to start anything that we expect will remain in our lives for a long time; this includes making formal love commitments. Usually, partnerships or projects that start under this energy end up being transitional, and most likely will not last beyond the point at which they help us shift to the next stage of our lives. Because the 9 is the humanitarian, this is an energy that calls us to be of service to others. The 9 has the promise that every time that we serve, share, and help others, more and more blessings will come onto us. Try and see for yourself! 

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