For this 2022 your number is:

Number 8

The 8 Year, represents one of abundance, within the 9 year cycle. We can finally see the results of what we have worked so hard on, for the previous seven years. We came from the past 7 Year, which was all about our inner growth and knowledge. Now it is time to apply those insights and tools and put them into action.

The 8, is the energy of abundance and healing. It is a year in which great opportunities can open up before, bringing abundant expansion in our projects, business, and affairs. The energy is highly active and can get out of control, so it is important to manage our schedule and resources wisely. Beware of impulsive expenses.

The 8 calls us to assume our personal power and to connect with our ability to generate abundance. It comes to heal our relationship with abundance in general. A key for activating the abundance of the 8 is to get involved: putting our hands to work and making use of our talents is essential. It is not enough to delegate this year; it must be us who do the work because we are the ones carrying this number. The 8 tells us: “assume greater responsibilities, and you will have greater benefits”.

This is also a year that calls us to review our physical and emotional health. We can feel a great power within and the confidence in ourselves to take command over our own lives and decisions. It is also an energy that asks us to set limits on others and how much of our personal power we are giving away. Time to empower ourselves and expand!

The 8 is a great year for business. We may feel a desire to participate in many projects. Great time to focus on improving our finances. It really can be one of the most prosperous years of the cycle. It is important to share this good fortune and abundance with others, as our generosity will return to us three-fold. Notice the shape of the 8: what goes around, comes around. This is a year of triumphs, reaping the benefits of hard work and enjoying the results.

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