For this 2022 your number is:

Number 7

The 7 is a introspective energy, that brings a time of self-knowledge. It is a year that calls us to observe our lives and make decisions: what are the decisions we have made so far that got us where we are now? And, most importantly, which decisions do we need to make moving forward to get where we want to be in the next 5 years? Situations may arise where we are called to make quick decisions; it is important to keep the focus on the overall goal and avoid geting tangled in the details.

This year, life brings the opportunity to release responsibilities that had represented a heavy burden in past times. We are called to break out of prejudices and outdated rules, seeking progress and expansion in our life.

We will feel more introspective than in other years, in need of solitude to reflect. It is OK to validate ourselves and take the time and space needed to analyze the paths that we can follow. It is advisable to ground and calm our minds with activities such as meditation, study, and being in nature.

Because the 7 is all about commitment, it is an excellent time for everything that represents paperwork and legal affairs. Signatures of documents, contracts, agreements, and durable negotiations are auspicious this year. The 7 Year, is a call for us to expand our knowledge. The 7 says “don’t think you know it all; there is always room to learn”. An essential key this year is to continue our education and expand our knowledge: when we learn under this energy, great doors and opportunities open before us that we could not see before. All the knowledge and specialization that we acquire this year will give us the tools that we will use later on to accomplish our visions.

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