For this 2022 your number is:

Number 6

The 6 is the number of family and community. You went through important changes during the last year, and now we are called to see who our tribe is from this place of newly expanded consciousness.

The main focus this year is on our family structures and our role within our community. It is important to spend intentional time and energy on those relationships that we sometimes take for granted; observe which bonds need to be strengthened and healed. Allowing more freedom in our connections and letting go of control over those around us is one of the keys.

We are called to practice flexibility and to open ourselves to new groups of people, both in our personal and professional facets. It’s a great year for associations and it may bring the opportunity to formalize a business, a society, or a workgroup. Stay open. This year is not about doing things alone, but about learning to work in teamwork. The union of forces brings great expansion.

It is also a time that calls us to find a balance between our giving and receiving… a time for us to learn to receive. We must learn to set limits on how much of our energy we are giving out, sometimes neglecting ourselves. Give yourself what you need: enough rest, water, proper food, etc. We must remember to seek equilibrium in our life and harmoniously integrate the emotional and the professional parts.

The 6 may bring a consolidation of romantic relationships, additions to the family, and marriage. It is a fertile time for business, projects, and pregnancy. We are called to assume more responsibilities and to take care of our community. It is an energy that asks us to do emotional work and reminds us to take the feelings of others into account. Learn to ask for help when you need it.

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