For this 2022 your number is:

Number 5

The 5 indicates a year of change and movement. Expect the unexpected: unforeseen events, changes in plans. The key is to release control and to flow with any change that may occur, as these changes are ultimately for our highest good.

The 5 energy comes to free our minds of ideas and obsolete routines. It is a time to truly leave the past behind and dare to make the changes that we know we need to do. It’s a time to dare and break out of any imprisoning beliefs and energies that have been holding us back. This year, life takes us out of our comfort zone and tells us that we are ready to take our next step in our evolution.

It represents a time of accelerated progress and expansion. The 5 connects us with our freedom. We are called to try different experiences and to have the courage of allowing a new and more expanded reality enter our lives. It is important to flow with the changes and practice flexibility, as this a very unstable energy. Important changes may occur, a change of home, country, partner, or job.

It is a time of great magnetism. The 5 connects us with our physical body and encourages us to nurture and attend to what we have been neglecting. Our social life will increase; we will appear more attractive to others. We are also called to heal aspects related to our sexuality; it is advisable to open up and connect with this part of ourselves.

It is a year that asks us to process any repressed anger, instead of allowing it to accumulate within. Honor yourself and move from any scenario that is not in alignment with that. The main recommendation this year is to embrace change, to be open to the new situations that come and allow ourselves to flow. It is a time to expand; it is a time to evolve!

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