For this 2022 your number is:

Number 3

The 3 is the number of expression, creativity, and joy. This year comes to connect us with our true happiness, leaving behind the masks that we put on before to please everyone’s expectations of us. It is time to connect with that which makes us feel joyful and expanded.

This year the universe generates situations to make our life more pleasant and abundant. It is a time of great popularity and sociability. Lucky opportunities may arise for us to do what really makes us feel fulfilled and satisfied. It is a year ideal for traveling, social gatherings, and pleasurable activities. Under this energy, we make new friends who will be meaningful for years to come.

The 3 can provoke our energy to be dispersed, so it is important to choose wisely where to focus our attention and resources; it is wise to know when to say No. We are called to empower ourselves and let go of everything that is limiting or restraining us. A time to take back our personal power, if we have given it away to other people and letting their opinions dictate our actions.

This year we are called to create what we want to see in our reality. It is a great year for sales and negotiations. Under this energy, we become more charismatic and attractive. It is time to express our truth, instead of keeping our feelings and thought to ourselves. The energy favors our actions so that speaking our mind, expressing our talents and creating our realities results in a positive experience. In the negative, the 3 can be underhanded. Beware of gossiping, lying, and criticizing, as this would mean using our voice to destroy, rather than using it to create, which is what we want to aim for. The 3 is asking us to connect to our inner child and heal emotional wounds from that stage of our life. It is a lightly-felt energy, that calls us to be like children: laugh, delight, and play. The 3 says “don’t take life too seriously for you won´t get out alive anyway; allow yourself to enjoy the ride”.

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