For this 2022 your number is:

Number 22

The 22 is a master number! You are now in the most powerful energy there is in time. This is the number of structure and order; it calls us to build on a large scale. It is a year that brings change and movement over our old structures, as we are called to build much more expanded bases and foundations on which we will stand later. We are called to break out of limiting beliefs (specifically over our material world) and realize precisely what they are: limiting beliefs.

We may experience important changes in our base: in the places where we live, work, or spend time. Life is moving us to new scenarios that will help us in our evolution. We may experience instability and little tolerance towards anything that represents our usual routine. There will be changes around what was considered stable before.

We are called to order our current situation in search of progress and improvement. It’s a year of hard work. We will need order, discipline, and practicality to achieve our goals. It is a number that says “Go big or go home”. It is the time to do it!

The 22 summons us to look around and identify what situations, conversations, problems, and chaos we have postponed for later… and take care of them now. This energy urges us to put order both in our material and emotional world.

This is also a year that calls for patience. Do not be impatient about seeing results right away. The results will come, but for now, we are called to be consistent, enduring in our perseverance, and serene with the changes. Most of all: do whatever needs to be done, and do it with courage. It is important to learn to delegate work and not to try and control absolutely everything.

Pay special attention to your health: the 22 summons us to reflect on which habits and daily routines we need to modify in order to connect with our bodies from a healthier perspective. Beware of postponing things over laziness, because this can be harmful. It is time to focus and get to work on a big scale!

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