For this 2022 your number is:

Number 2

A 2 year is one that calls us to work on our relationships. Last year was one of new beginnings, of new energies entering our life and it brought us closer to our independence and individuality. Now this year comes along and calls us to look at those around us, working on our bonds.

It is a period where our relationships will be a central topic. The 2 is the «pair» and it is asking us to learn to be in relationships from a more elevated perspective: respecting each other´s individuality and independence, in order to have higher-vibrational bonds. We’re summoned to revise our personal relationships and ask ourselves: how can I bring more healing? How can I bring more of my presence and intention?

A 2 year is a time that brings important connections. People who come to help us advance in life usually enter our lives under this energy, so it is important to keep an eye out on the new people that we encounter, for they can be very important in the years to come. The 2 is calls us to work in teamwork. Alliances and partnerships are especially fortunate this year. The project that you´ve started needs more hands, and this is the best energy to ask for help.

This period of life teaches us to learn to RECEIVE. The vibration of this year is extremely productive; we can achieve an economic improvement thanks to successful projects in which we have been working on. There are great possibilities for being invited to become part of a society or group in which we can develop and grow. Any union or forces will serve stepping stones to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves; we will feel greater confidence in ourselves and will see how things are accommodating so that we can evolve.

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