For this 2022 your number is:

Number 1

This is a year marked by the words: New Beginnings and Independence. This means that last year was one where we closed cycles and in which situations that were not helping us grow anymore left our life. This year calls us to reinvent ourselves, as we have space for new starts. We are now at the beginning of a 9-year cycle and the reason why a 1 year is so important, is because everything, everything that we sow under this energy, we will reap during the next nine years of our life. Which are our seeds? Our thoughts, words and actions. It is advisable to be conscious about what we are planting along the way.

It is a year that calls us to assume our independence and leadership over our own life; like the 1 that stands on its own feet, we are asked to connect with our individuality and sense of personal power. Time to honor our uniqueness and allow ourselves to stand out, rather than blending in with the crowd. That project that you’ve had in mind, that business that you’ve been wanting to create: this is the time to start. It is a time fertile with possibilities; trust that you can do it!

This year may bring unexpected changes and movements that confront us with new realities. It is an energy that comes to liberate us from old structures, inviting us to expand into a new life, a rebirth. It is important to flow with the fluctuations that may come and let go of control over the situations and people around us, as this will bring us to lower vibrations. Beware of intolerance and impatience. Remember that we are planting seeds; we won’t eat the fruit on the same day of the sowing. You don’t have to have it all figured it out. Trust the flow of things and take the steps one at a time.

The energy of the 1 brings new energies, people and situations into our life. It is important to be open to whatever comes, in order to maximize the present energy. It is not a time to only think, but to take action and start walking to where we want to be. We may feel more courageous and willing to take risks that we would’ve not taken before. Listen to your intuition. Dare to do things differently and to try experiences for the first time. It is sowing time; sow what you want to reap!

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