Grabovoi Numbers: Introductory Workshop


33 USD

What is this course about?

If reached this page it is because you are ready to approach numbers as tools of life!

I invite to this workshop where we will learn to use the GRABOVOI codes to help us vibrate at certain frequencies: Love, health, abundance, goals, spirituality and much more!

Use them and see it for yourself!


What will we learn?

– Who is Grigori Grabovoi?

– What are the Grabovoi numbers?

– How does the Grabovoi method work?

– Initial protocol: Cleansing of the past

– Useful sequences

– How to use the sequences?

– Pilotages: Activation protocols

– Daily cleaning pilotage

– Pilotage of the spheres


What is this course useful for?

To have a super tool to raise your vibration to certain frequencies. Everything vibrates; it is the nature of the universe. The numbers help us to provoke vibrations that align our lives with certain situations or energies: from love, health, abundance, goals, spirituality and much more!

I always tell people: don’t believe it; see for yourself.


Are there requirements to take the course?

None. It is both for total beginners, as well as for people who already use the Grabovoi numbers.



If you have difficulties paying, you can do so according to your possibilities. In this case, please reach me at


What does the price include?

– Access in your account to the video workshop on the Grabovoi Numbers.

– Downloadable PDF with the presentation of the Course.

– Downloadable PDF of the book from which the sequences were obtained.


It is a pleasure to enter this wonderful world of numbers together!

Lots of Light,

Ana Dorotea



If you have any questions, please write to me at


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