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Number 9


9s are compassionate and supportive of others. Great social conscience. They defend their ideals. Very passionate. They feel emotions very intensely. They try to solve everyone’s problems. It is easy for them to make friends. They need constant recognition. Many skills and interests. They do not go unnoticed. They are old souls, causing them to feel attracted to the spiritual. Independent. They love freedom and are bothered if they feel controlled by anyone. They feel fulfilled serving others. Very generous and adaptable. Versatile.


In negative, 9s are superficial and envious, impatient and impulsive. They give too much importance to themselves, and cannot stand failure or opposition from others. They do not mind stepping on other people’s toes in order to get what they want. As a child they feel they are not accepted for who they really are, so they seek to be someone who complies with what others consider acceptable. In negative they become vengeful and loose morality. They do not respect or consider the needs of others. Dramatic and manipulative.

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