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Number 8


8s have the most powerful personality of all. Great tenacity, ambition and willpower. They are group leaders, energetic, combative, and always in search of success and material progress. They dream big and need to prove their material success to others. They generate and move the energy of money and health. They are natural born healers. They have good business intuition and feel attraction to power and material goods. They work tirelessly to achieve their goals. Practical. They don’t believe in anything until they understand it first.


Negative 8s can easily fall into failure. They must take care of excesses. They generate disease and scarcity, for themselves and others. Stubborn, intolerant. Can´t tolerate opposition. They forget tenderness and understanding. Demanding, cold and self-centered. They can be tyrants, who make the lives of others very bitter. Manipulative. They will not stand for any criticism towards them and can even become violent. When they are uninformed on a topic, they panic and escape under any excuse. Stubborn and inflexible.

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