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Number 7


7s are responsible, ethical, loyal and thoughtful. Selective and reserved. Great mental agility and depth of thought. Sharp intuition. They are in a constant search for knowledge and truth. They defend justice. Very analytical, intuitive and perceptive. Great powers of observation. Individualistic and independent people. They distrust everything they do not know. With new people they are reserved and not very communicative. They detest drama and temperamental displays in public. They enjoy and need solitude to reflect.


Negative 7s overthink and don’t act; they fall into "paralysis by analysis". They create negative scenarios in their minds about the intentions or actions of others, making decisions based on these thoughts. Rigid and inflexible. They have a tendency to fall into depression and obsession. They becomes emotionally disconnected and isolate themselves. They worry about problems but do not attempt to resolve them. They think they are superior to others. Tendency to feel undervalued. Unable to express their feelings.

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