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Number 6


For 6s, the most important thing is home and family. They maintain their community like glue that brings people together. They assume responsibilities. Providers, protectors and givers. Devoted to the wellbeing of others. Very generous people. Committed with what they believe. Great sense of patriotism. They like to live comfortably. They seek peace and security. They have a few selected friends who are like family. They are loved, respected and admired. Great sensitivity and creativity. Ability to unite people for a common purpose.


Negative 6s have great emotional insecurities. They "buy love" to feel indispensable. They can fall into emotional obsessions. They give and "love" but in a conditioned way: I give you and you “owe” me. Tendency to be possessive, selfish and jealous. They dominate those around them. Superstitious. Constantly tired. They care too much for those who depend on them. Hypersensitive. Life in solitude is very difficult for a 6, so they tolerate more than they should, in order to remain in community. Manipulative and dominant.

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