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Number 5


5s come to learn about freedom and how best to utilize it. 5s seek change and new experiences; routine drains them. Great adventurers and travel lovers. Great magnetism; they often appear attractive to others. Adaptability to any environment. Lively, restless, multifaceted, impulsive and changing people. The most important thing for them is to feel free. If they feel controlled or dominated, they run away without explanation. Very intuitive. They have psychic and perceptive abilities. Read into people easily.


Negative 5s are apathetic, disinterested, and conformist. Impatient, impulsive and superficial in decision making. They leave things unfinished and don’t focus their energy. They need to control their temper and cultivate tolerance and respect for others. They flee from commitment and responsibility. They have many talents that are wasted. Irresponsible. Can experience restrictions or excess with. They want to control and dominate those around them. Self-imposed restrictions. They think they are always right.

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