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Number 33


Christic Master. They have a large impact in their community. Their mind observes minimal details. Artistic sensitivity. They do not usually look for command positions, but are qualified to organize and direct. They absorb information quickly. Great common sense. Will never lack anything. Fights to offer comfort and safety to their tribe. Saves money; will not hesitate to help. Prefers to live accompanied. They usually over-give. Attracted to people with intelligence and strong convictions or moral principles. Spirituality is necessary.


Great emotional insecurities. They "buy love" to feel indispensable. They can fall into emotional obsessions. They give and "love" but in a conditioned way: I gave to you so you “owe” me. Tendency to be possessive, selfish and jealous. They dominate those around them. Superstitious. Constantly tired. They care too much for those who depend on them. Hypersensitive. Life in solitude is very difficult for a 6, so they tolerate more than they should, in order to remain in community. Manipulative and dominant. Spiritually disconnected.

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