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Number 3


The 3s move three energies: expression, creativity and joy. They have the gift of speech, knowing what to say and how to say it to achieve a desired effect. Good speakers, writers, musicians, artists. They generate joy for themselves and others. They like to travel, dance, and have fun. They like “taking the microphone” and advise others. Social, expressive, charismatic. They like beauty. They find solutions that others cannot think of. They came to create in the world something that did not exist before them.


When 3s vibrate in negative, they prefer not to express. They are more comfortable sitting in sadness or bitterness, sometimes even feeling guilty for their happiness. Conflicts with authority (parents, teachers, chiefs, politicians, etc.). They should be careful not to engage in too many activities, as they disperse their energy into unproductive things. They feel afraid of creating new things (“I prefer to stay with what already exists”). They keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. They gossip and criticize others severely

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