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Number 22


22s are the material master. The strongest vibration there is. Great strength to obtain material achievements and achieve outstanding positions. There is no obstacle that they can not overcome. Supportive in their relationships. They are born to create and better the world. They are old souls. Potential to leave a mark on humanity. Great intuition and moral strength. For the 22 there 4 either you are, or you are not. Great self-control. They come to create in a big scale.


In negative, 22s lack force or energy to perform their activities. They live in disorder and disorganization, showing disinterest in things and feeling unsuccessful because life is unfair. They become terribly selfish and lazy. They will not do anything for others, and will demand that others resolve their needs for them. Ungrateful. Very manipulative. Classist and discriminatory. Mocking and cruel to those who they consider "below their level." Inflexible, ruthless and unscrupulous. Greedy and excessively ambitious.

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