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Number 2


The energy of relationships. They are people who are distinguished by their great willingness to cooperate and work as a team. They feel comfortable following others and don’t need to be the one in the spotlight. They enjoy taking care of others and feel called to social service and altruistic causes. They are romantic people. Once they let someone in, they give themselves completely to the relationship. They are highly receptive and sensitive to the needs of others. They are good negotiators, very cordial, charming, patient and discreet.


When 2s vibrate in negative they become insecure and dissatisfied people; they are never completely satisfied with their achievements, their origin, their family situation, etc. They stop making any positive efforts and may find themselves stuck. They make up stories in their minds about the intentions, actions and beliefs of others, and make decisions based on these stories, because they consider them real. They are very afraid of being judged by others. They are very hurt if they feel left out. They are very sensitive to criticism

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