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Number 11


11s are the spiritual masters. They come to do things on a large scale, moved by their ideals. They are old spirits that come to teach others by example and with their knowledge. They tend to be idealistic, deep thinkers. They are attracted by philosophy and the study of human behavior. They stand out for their intelligence, excellent memory and extraordinary intuition. They can read people within seconds. Highly intuitive and have gifts of clairvoyance. Their words have the power to influence others. Natural gift for teaching.


In negative, 11s have a tendency towards strong depression. They face situations where things do not end up going as well as they planned (they are extremely idealistic). They live in a fictional world and don’t adapt to reality. They believe their own lies. They become severe, critical, and dominant. They hold great contempt and disinterest for the feelings and needs of other people. Liars and cheaters. They become distrustful of others, self-conscious and very selfish. Sometimes isolated. Disconnected from their spirituality.

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