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Number 1


1s are original, creative, innovative people. Natural born leaders. They really care about their independence and feel more comfortable in leadership positions. They usually seek to be their own boss. They like to distinguish themselves and do not feel comfortable being just one more. Self-sufficient and self-confident. They take the risk of doing things differently and usually forge new paths untravelled by those in their primary environment. They are constantly searching for improvement. They like to excel and are bothered by mediocrity.


When 1s vibrate in negative, they are very afraid of loneliness. There is a great tendency to be emotionally dependent and to develop strong co-dependence on their partners, friends or family, as this manages to make them feel safe ("I make you need me, so that you won´t leave me"). They are afraid to take new paths and stay stuck in what they know. They become dominant and even tyrannical. They do not care about the feelings of others and are totally self-centered.

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