Number 22

The 22 is a master number! You are now in the most powerful energy there is in time. This is the number of structure and order; it calls us to build on a large scale. It is a year that brings change and movement over our old structures, as we are called to build much […]

Number 11

An 11 year is one of high potential, for the 11 is a master number! This energy confronts us with decisions that make us change the course that we were following. In any aspect of our lives where we are not aligned to our highest purpose, we will be realigned. We are asked to commit […]

Number 9

The 9 Year, is a year for closing cycles. It calls us to take a look at our life and acknowledge which relationships, routines, and energies have been present in our lives during the past years that were great before, but are no longer helping us grow or expand; they are pulling us back. The […]

Number 8

The 8 Year, represents one of abundance, within the 9 year cycle. We can finally see the results of what we have worked so hard on, for the previous seven years. We came from the past 7 Year, which was all about our inner growth and knowledge. Now it is time to apply those insights […]

Number 7

The 7 is a introspective energy, that brings a time of self-knowledge. It is a year that calls us to observe our lives and make decisions: what are the decisions we have made so far that got us where we are now? And, most importantly, which decisions do we need to make moving forward to […]

Number 6

The 6 is the number of family and community. You went through important changes during the last year, and now we are called to see who our tribe is from this place of newly expanded consciousness. The main focus this year is on our family structures and our role within our community. It is important […]

Number 5

The 5 indicates a year of change and movement. Expect the unexpected: unforeseen events, changes in plans. The key is to release control and to flow with any change that may occur, as these changes are ultimately for our highest good. The 5 energy comes to free our minds of ideas and obsolete routines. It […]

Number 4

The 4 is the number of structure and order. It is a year that brings change and movement over our old structures, as we are called to build more expanded bases and foundations on which we will stand later. We are called to break out of limiting beliefs (specifically over our material world) and realize […]

Number 3

The 3 is the number of expression, creativity, and joy. This year comes to connect us with our true happiness, leaving behind the masks that we put on before to please everyone’s expectations of us. It is time to connect with that which makes us feel joyful and expanded. This year the universe generates situations to make […]

Number 2

A 2 year is one that calls us to work on our relationships. Last year was one of new beginnings, of new energies entering our life and it brought us closer to our independence and individuality. Now this year comes along and calls us to look at those around us, working on our bonds. It […]